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  • What does it mean to be “board-certified”?

    Dr. Saam is a board-certified physician in family medicine and geriatrics. This is an important acknowledgement that she possesses the knowledge and expertise to provide quality care. Board-certified indicates that a doctor is more than just licensed by the state to practice medicine—they have completed the requirements to be specifically acknowledged. Some of these extra requirements include board examination and continued education.

  • What kinds of services do you provide?

    At our practice, we see patients regularly for well visits and handle all aspects of preventative care, including immunizations. We also see patients for chronic illnesses and acute illnesses. Additionally, we provide:

    • Alternative care that focuses on the whole patient, including natural hormones and vitamin therapy
    • Gynecological services
    • Geriatric and pediatric care
    • Internal medicine
    • Cosmetic care
  • How often should I make an appointment?

    The frequency of your appointment depends on your current health. Some patients need to be seen every few months, such as those with diabetes. For otherwise healthy patients, a physical once a year is sufficient. Dr. Saam will tell you how often you need to be seen to manage your health.

  • Which insurance plans are accepted?

    We accept most public and private insurance plans. Contact our office before your visit to verify that your plan is accepted.

  • What is the cost without insurance?

    The fees vary according to the treatment that is provided. Please contact us directly for any billing or insurance issues.