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Dr. Shida Saam is a leading primary care doctor serving the whole family.

There are so many different types of physicians that it is helpful to know the definitions and descriptions of the various types. With that in mind, here is a brief overview of a physician known as a primary care doctor.

A primary care doctor is a physician who treats patients of all ages. They treat both male and female patients. They have completed standard training required, including medical school and residency. A primary care doctor has obtained various certifications and credentials, and many are board certified in Family Practice and Geriatrics.

  • This type of doctor is an excellent overall physician for every member of the family to see
  • Primary care doctors are also known as family doctors

What Does a Primary Care Doctor Do?

A primary care doctor handles a wide range of medical circumstances. They complete preventive services such as routine examinations and tests. They also handle injuries such as sprains and minor cuts. They diagnose and treat illnesses such as infections like viruses and bacteria. Some handle prenatal care and deliver babies. A primary care doctor can prescribe medications and many offer laboratory services in their offices. Depending on the focus and expertise of the individual doctor, they might offer services and advice in the area of alternative medicine. This can include nutritional and lifestyle consultations.

What Does a Primary Care Doctor Not Do?

A primary care doctor is not a specialist. That means they do not handle specific injuries and illnesses such as complex chronic medical conditions. A primary care doctor also often does not handle complex injuries like broken bones, extensive stitches, and severe wounds.

Some primary care doctors perform minor surgeries, but they do not perform any type of complex surgery. When patients come to them with illnesses and injuries that primary care doctors are not trained to handle, patients are often referred to other physicians such as specialists and surgeons.


What Makes Dr. Shida Saam Unique?

Dr. Shida Saam is a family doctor who is board certified in Family Practice and Geriatrics. Her offices are in Santa Ana, California and Irvine, California. Many patients have been loyal to her practice for many years, which is an indication of her level of competence and care. Dr. Saam treats a wide variety of illnesses, conditions and injuries, including colds, flu, sinus infections, stomach viruses, other infections, allergies, asthma, diabetes, and hypertension (high blood pressure).

Dr. Saam provides services in a range of areas, including gynecology, pediatrics, geriatrics, and preventive medicine. One aspect of her care that makes her especially unique is that she provides services in the area of alternative medicine, such as nutritional counseling, nutritional supplements advice, and lifestyle management guidance. She also helps patients who need bioidentical hormone therapy. Additionally, Dr. Saam provides cosmetic care to help patients look their best while she is also helping them feel great from the inside out.

Preparing for an Appointment and Other Tips

It is always valuable to be prepared when going to the doctor and especially when going to a particular doctor for the first time. As you get ready for an appointment, make sure you bring with you to the appointment whatever the doctor’s office said you should bring, whether that is prescription bottles of medications you are taking or medical records. Also prepare a list of questions and topics you would like to discuss with the doctor. That should include information on any symptoms and health challenges you might be experiencing.

When working with a primary care doctor, it is wise to be an informed patient and take responsibility for your health. That means following the advice and guidance you receive from the doctor. Open communication is also key to a successful relationship with the doctor. Make sure to discuss all questions and concerns via phone in between appointments or in person at appointments. Look at your connection with the doctor as a partnership that aims to create the best health possible for you and your family.

A primary care doctor is an excellent partner in your health care and that of your entire family. Make the most of the unique relationship you have with them, and work together to help make your health the best it can be.